Car Care Checklist For Winter


As the weather changes, it is important to ensure that your vehicle is safe and in good condition. Seasonal checkups are important to ensure your driving experience is as worry-free as possible. The following are a few things that should be checked to ensure a safe driving experience throughout the winter months if Conshohocken.

Your battery and charging system should be tested by a trained technician. It is vital to have a fully charged battery in good condition because this is ultimately required to start an engine in cold weather.

The tire type and tread should also be inspected to ensure safety during the winter months. If you live in around East Norriton or Philadelphia with heavy winter weather, it is in your best interest to change to snow tires on all four wheels to provide better traction. If there is light to moderate snow conditions during the winter months, all-season tires will work as long as they have adequate tread depth. The standard amount of tread for your tires should be greater than 3/32-inches. If the amount is below 3/32-inches, you should replace your tires. This is because uneven wear on the tires can ultimately indicate wheel balance or suspension problems that can cause further damage to the tires.

You should also make sure that your wiper blades are working properly. Your wiper blades should clear the glass with each swipe. If a blade leaves a streak or misses a spot, that blade should be replaced. If you live in an area that typically has snowy conditions during the winter, it is a good idea to install winter wiper blades that can prevent snow and ice buildup.

Getting a seasonal checkup for your vehicle is essential to ensure that your car is in good condition and safe to drive around Norristown. By ensuring that you have a good battery, right tires and tread, and wiper blades that are functioning correctly, you can gain peace of mind that your driving experience will be as worry-free as possible.

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