Does Your Vehicle Need Service? Here's How to Tell

For the most part, your vehicle is a well-working machine. Besides the usual oil changes and other standard maintenance, it gets to your destination around Conshohocken. However, there are times where something feels amiss.

Maybe it stalled at a light. It might have taken longer to start the engine. Perhaps you're filling the gas tank more frequently than average. In other words, it may be time for the car to be serviced. Here are a few ways to know if you need to take it to our service center at Conicelli Hyundai.

Check Engine Light

This is the easiest way to determine if there's an issue. The excellent news this warning doesn't always mean an imminent engine failure. It could mean a broken oxygen sensor, a spark plug misfire, or the fuel cap needs to be replaced. To find out, the best thing to do is take it to a service center and have the technicians scan the diagnostic code it generates.

Fluids Under the Vehicle

Besides condensation from the AC unit, puddles of other fluids underneath the car will signify an issue that needs to be serviced. Also, you may get a sense of what fluid it is by its color or smell. A dark and thick puddle could mean an oil leak. Something that smells sweet might be related to the radiator or coolant hose.

Rough Idling

If your car vibrates or throbs while idling at a stoplight or in traffic in East Norriton, then it could be related to several items. For instance, one of your spark plugs may have gone wrong. Or, a fuel injector has gotten clogged. Either way, not taking care of this results in poor performance and a reduction in fuel efficiency around Norristown.

Warm Air Coming from the AC

If your air conditioner isn't cooling the way it used to, there may be an issue with the unit itself or the lines that feed it. Either way, you want to take it in before it gets worse driving near Philadelphia.

If you have noticed any of these issues recently, then make an appointment with our service center.

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