When the weather is colder, you may focus on keeping yourself and your household warm. But, as the air gets warmer and the days are longer, you may have areas that need to be tended to for spring. This may include airing out bedrooms, clearing out the garage, and throwing away clutter. You can also have your vehicle inspected and serviced for the extra time you plan to spend on the roads of East Norriton. Here are areas to start with.


One of the best parts of spring driving is showing off the beauty and style of your vehicle. Although you cleaned and waxed it for the road, no one will notice if your brakes are screeching and squealing. This can be an embarrassing and potentially dangerous situation that can be easily avoided. By bringing your vehicle by our Hyundai dealership, our service department can examine your breaks and quickly change them if necessary.

Air Conditioning

Letting the windows down on a beautiful spring day is a great way to enjoy your drive. However, if you have issues with allergies or rainy weather, you’ll need to have a good time with the windows up. This is hard to do when the air conditioning is not working in your vehicle. Also, long drives have to be abandoned altogether. By visiting our repair technicians, we can get your air conditioning back working again.


The harsh road conditions of the winter can put a lot of wear and tear on your tires. By the time spring rolls around, they can be unbalanced, underinflated, or missing needed tread. All of these affect the smoothness and safety of your ride. Our technicians will get your tires back to the proper air pressure, balance, and alignment or suggest newer ones to purchase from our convenient location.

At our Hyundai dealership, your comfort and satisfaction are critical to us. We understand the concerns you may have about visiting our location during this time, so we have taken extra precautions for your health and safety. Our service team is ready to assist you with minimal or no contact service. Call us today for more information.

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