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Glenn Beck
General Sales Manager
610-832-7911 ext. 2301

I grew up in Plymouth Meeting and have worked at Conicelli for over 28 years. A few of my hobbies are home improvements, auto body repair, and helping others.

Dominic M. Conicelli
610-828-1400, ext. 1203

Michael Hammond
VP Sales and Marketing
610-828-1400 ext. 1204

Lori Hammond
Digital Director
610-828-1400 ext. 1208

Donna Conicelli
Human Resources Manager
610-828-1400, ext. 1206

T.J. Smith
Business Operations Mgr.
610-828-1400, ext. 1211

I have worked at Conicelli since 2012, and I'm currently Buisness Operations Manager. I grew up in Collegeville, PA. When I am not working I like to spend my time outdoors camping, hiking and climbing. I also love playing music and spending time with my wife and children.

Thomas Cleighton
Sales Manager
610-832-7911 ext. 2302

I am from Abington, PA. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my wife and children, watching Philadelphia sports and Duke basketball. I also like going to the shore during the summer.

Martin Kuzniak
Sales Manager
610-832-7911 ext. 2317

I am from Poland and speak Polish.

Warren Lewis
Used Car Sales Manager
610-832-7911 Ext. 2347

I have been working at Conicelli since 1988. Originally from Wilmington, DE, I graduated from Virginia Tech and am proud to be an alumni of such a great university. Interestingly, I met my wife while working at Conicelli, and we have been happily married for over 20 years now. Our daughter is a student athlete, and we enjoy supporting her in her pursuits. In my leisure time, I enjoy playing golf and following college sports, with a particular passion for the Virginia Tech Hokies.

Jack Monteleone
Operations Director
610-828-1400, ext. 1205

I have worked at Conicelli since 1993. I am currently the Operations Director. I grew up in Norristown, PA. In my free time I enjoy traveling golf, and wine tasting events.

Tim Mabey
Service Director
610-825-7002 ext. 1210

I have been a part of the Conicelli team since 1992! I reside in Lower Milford, PA. In the summer, I love to go to the beach and go jet-skiing. In the winter, I enjoy playing ice hockey.

Mark McDonough
Fixed Operations
610-828-1400 ext. 1212

I have worked at Conicelli since 2011. I grew up in Harleysville, PA. I love cars and motorcycles. When I am not working you can find me spending time with my four children. 

Pat McGarry
Service Manager
610-832-7911, ext. 2360

I have worked at Conicelli since 1996. I have lived in Harleysville, PA for the past 20 years with my wife and son. When I am not at work I enjoy refereeing soccer, spending time at the beach with my family, and woodworking.

Paul Bonner
Assistant Service Manager
610-832-7911 Ext. 2362

I have worked on the Conicelli team since 2015. I grew up in Lansdale, PA. When I am not working, I enjoy soccer, acting, and running. I also spend my time refereeing soccer and hanging out with my family.

Tony Remolde
Parts Manager
610-832-7911, ext. 2350

I was raised in Philadelphia, PA. I have been working at Conicelli since 1999. When I am not at work you can find me spending time with my family and friends. I love being outdoors. I enjoy classic cars and life on the water.

Don Fielding
Body Shop Manager
610-832-0335, ext. 2001

Paula DiGiacomo
Customer Relations Mgr.
610-828-1400, ext. 1213

Carly Strawman
Marketing Manager
610-828-1400, ext. 1190



Nassir Bsharat
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext. 2306

John Coyle
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext 2313

I have been a member of the Conicelli team since 2012. I grew up in Yardley, PA. When I am not working I love playing golf (even though I am not the best). I am happily married and love reading science fiction novels.

Dennis Difilippo
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext. 2304

I have been a member of the Conicelli team since 2016. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I am a proud father of four beautiful children. I am also the luckiest man alive to have my beautiful girlfriend and her two incredible children (six kids altogether!!) My greatest joy is being there for my family. In my free time I am usually with my family and friends, working out, playing sports, having fun and creating awesome memories. I am a Philadelphia sports fan who loves the beach, traveling, and singing in the shower/car.

Andrew Donaldson
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext. 2322

I am a resident of Philadelphia with a passion for entertainment. During my free time, I often find myself either immersed in my PS4 or enjoying a good Netflix binge. However, my true love lies in the Marvel Universe movies.

Joe Fina
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext.2307

Yusef Johnson
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext. 2311

I have worked for Conicelli since 2008. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. In my free time I coach football.

Bernard Jones
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext. 2340

I grew up in Abington, PA. I enjoy extreme sports, hiking, camping, and running. I jumped out of a plane my first time ever being on one.

Steve Kauffman
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext. 2319

I have worked at Conicelli since 2010. I grew up in Media, PA. When I am not working I enjoy traveling and watching sports, especially hockey and football. I also spend as much time as I can with my son.

Nicholas Marchegiano
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext. 2303

I grew up in Collegeville. I graduated from West Chester University in 2021. I enjoy cars, motorcycles, and sports.

Briana Marin
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext. 2355

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA. In my free time I enjoy doing puzzles and reading.

Nicholas McGaughey
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911, ext. 2377

I am from Schwenksville, PA. A few of my hobbies are attending Philadelphia sports events (Sixers, Eagles, Flyers, Phillies.)

Tim Mhay
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 Ext. 2341

I started working for Conicelli in 2009, but I have 20+ years of auto sales experience. I grew up in Norristown, PA. Some of my hobbies include football, baseball, basketball, and swimming.

Darryl Smith
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 Ext. 2346

I have worked at Conicelli since 2011. I grew up in Philadelphia, PA. In my free time I enjoy watching movies.

Keeley Staples
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext. 2312

Haydee Velazquez
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext. 2315

Aaron Wilkerson
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext. 2309

James Wilson
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext. 2344

I am a proud native of West Deptford, NJ, where I spend most of my free time with my beloved family. Whether it's a cozy family dinner or a fun outing, I cherish the moments I spend with them. When I'm not bonding with my loved ones, I often indulge in my favorite movie, "The Godfather."

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Internet Sales

Greg Brennan
Internet Sales Manager
(610) 832-7911 ext. 1102

Stephanie Fennell
Internet Sales Manager
610-828-1400, ext. 1101

Nadia Peterson
Internet Sales Manager
610-828-1400 ext. 1104

Tyler Cifadli
Sales Consultant
610-828-1400 ext. 1106

Lynnette Hardy
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext 1132

Diane McNeil
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext 1118

Javier Pineda
Sales Consultant
(610) 832-7911 ext. 1147

Steven Schmidt
Sales Consultant
(610) 832-7911 ext. 1107

Margaret Sheperd
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext 1111

Montana Tyler
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext 1120

Dee Williams
Sales Consultant
610-832-7911 ext 1131



Khalid Lawrence
Finance Manager
610-832-7911 Ext. 2345

I have been part of the Conicelli team since 2016. I am from South Philadelphia. In my free time I love playing and watching basketball.

Gianna Romano
Finance Manager
610-832-7911 ext. 2314

Eric Fishbein
Special Finance Manager
610-832-7911, ext. 2951

I am from Teaneck, NJ. I have been working at Conicelli since 2009. In my free-time I am a karaoke superstar!

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